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As a church community, we embody the harmonious blend of the Reformed tradition's theological depth with the vibrancy of charismatic expressions. Rooted in the scriptures, we are passionately committed to building up the church through the integration of sound Doctrine, transformative Relationships, and heartfelt Worship. At our essence, we exist to display the beauty of Christ, recognizing that our unique synthesis of theology and Spirit-empowered ministry equips us to authentically reflect His glory and serve His kingdom with enthusiasm and integrity.


Josh Arguello Elder

Joshua Arguello is an Elder and Outreach Coordinator at Rock Church. He and his wife Rachel and their children, Brielle and Layla, have been members since 2018. Josh has a passion for people and a readiness to share his testimony as an example of the power of the Gospel in reaching those who struggle with addiction. As a result, Josh is intimately involved with the Covenant House ministry, our men’s stability program. Currently, Josh is a full-time architect with Streamline Architects, represents Rock Church within the PUNCH organization (a local collective of churches), leader of our outreach initiative, Rock Church Go!, and acts as liaison to other community-based organizations and our local government.

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Sundays 9:00am and 10:45am

510 E 15th St. Davenport, IA 52802

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