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Scripture Alone

Scripture Alone

"Sola Scriptura," a foundational principle of the Protestant Reformation, emphasizes the belief that the Bible alone is the ultimate and infallible authority for Christian faith and practice. Derived from Latin, "Sola Scriptura" translates to "Scripture Alone." This doctrine asserts that Scripture, as the inspired Word of God, stands supreme over church traditions, ecclesiastical teachings, or human interpretations. Advocates of "Sola Scriptura" maintain that the Bible contains all that is necessary for salvation and living a life that pleases God. Thus, it calls believers to continually seek guidance, wisdom, and truth exclusively from the Scriptures, recognizing its unparalleled significance as the divine revelation and the authoritative standard for all matters of faith and conduct.

Christ Alone

Christ Alone

"Christ Alone," or "Solus Christus" in Latin, is a fundamental tenet of the Protestant Reformation that underscores the unique and central role of Jesus Christ in the process of salvation and in the Christian faith. This doctrine emphasizes that salvation is attainable solely through faith in Jesus Christ and His redemptive work, rather than through any other means, intermediaries, or religious rituals. "Christ Alone" stands as a profound declaration of the sufficiency and exclusivity of Christ's atoning sacrifice on the cross. It affirms that He alone is the mediator between God and humanity, the only source of true reconciliation, and the ultimate fulfillment of God's redemptive plan. By embracing "Christ Alone," believers acknowledge Jesus as the cornerstone of their faith, the only hope for eternal life, and the supreme authority in all matters of doctrine and spiritual practice.

Faith Alone

Faith Alone

“Faith alone,” a foundational principle of the Protestant Reformation, encapsulates the belief that individuals are justified and made right with God exclusively through faith in Jesus Christ. This doctrine stands in contrast to the idea that one can earn salvation through good works or deeds. In essence, "by faith alone" underscores the profound grace of God, suggesting that salvation is a gift received through belief in Jesus, rather than a reward attained by human effort. Embracing Sola Fide acknowledges the limitless mercy and sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice on the cross, emphasizing that our relationship with God is rooted not in our actions, but in our unwavering trust in His redemptive power.

Grace Alone

Grace Alone

"Grace Alone," another cornerstone of the Protestant Reformation, emphasizes the unmerited favor and boundless love of God towards humanity. This doctrine posits that salvation, forgiveness, and reconciliation with God are solely gifts bestowed by His grace, without any human contribution or merit. In "Grace Alone," the initiative and agency in the salvation process reside entirely with God, highlighting His incomprehensible love and desire for relationship with His creation. By recognizing and embracing "Grace Alone," believers affirm that their standing before God is not based on personal achievements or righteousness, but solely on His gracious act of redemption through Jesus Christ, underscoring the profound depth of God's mercy and the foundational nature of His love in the Christian faith.

Glory to God Alone

Glory to God Alone

"Glory Alone," or "Soli Deo Gloria" in Latin, is a principle that ascribes all glory, honor, and praise exclusively to God. Rooted in the teachings of the Protestant Reformation, this doctrine underscores the belief that every aspect of creation, redemption, and salvation serves the ultimate purpose of magnifying and glorifying God alone. "Glory Alone" challenges any human-centric perspective, reminding believers that the ultimate aim of life and faith is not self-elevation but the exaltation of God's name. By adhering to this principle, Christians are called to live in a manner that reflects God's glory in all they do, recognizing that all their talents, efforts, and accomplishments are gifts from God to be used for His honor and not for personal acclaim.


"Reformed Charismatic" stands at the crossroads of two profound theological traditions, merging the foundational tenets of the Reformed tradition with the dynamic spiritual experiences and emphasis on the Greek word "charismata" (spiritual gifts) characteristic of the Charismatic movement. Drawing from the original vision of the early church, this approach not only champions deep engagement with the enduring truths of Scripture but also celebrates the empowerment of believers through individual spiritual gifts, as highlighted by the apostle Paul in his epistles. The "Reformed Charismatic" perspective underscores the vital role of these gifts in edifying and building up the church, fostering unity, and equipping believers for the work of ministry. By intertwining profound theological insights with the vibrant manifestation of spiritual gifts, this synthesis offers a holistic and enriching faith experience, enabling believers to both cherish the timeless doctrines that anchor their faith and actively participate in the Spirit-empowered mission of the church.

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"At the heart of our church's identity lies a deep commitment to confessional integrity and doctrinal clarity. We proudly align ourselves with the Heidelberg Catechism, a timeless and comprehensive statement of Reformed faith that has guided generations of believers in their journey of understanding God's Word. Additionally, we embrace the Ecumenical Creeds, recognizing their foundational role in articulating essential Christian beliefs and fostering unity across diverse traditions. While we hold steadfastly to these confessional standards, it's worth noting that our convictions differ in the practice of infant baptism. By anchoring ourselves in these historic confessions, except for this specific stance on baptism, we affirm our dedication to preserving the core truths of the Christian faith. This ensures that our community remains grounded in Scripture, informed by tradition, and united in purpose as we seek to glorify God and serve His kingdom faithfully."


Our Beliefs on Sex/Gender and
Men's and Women's Roles

At Rock Church, we uphold traditional and orthodox beliefs concerning the roles of men and women as outlined in the Scriptures. We recognize the distinct roles men and women are called to fulfill within the church and the broader community. We believe God created people distinctly Male and Female.

Sex and Gender: A Biblical Perspective

Our teachings on sex and gender are deeply rooted in Scripture. We affirm the inherent value and dignity of each individual, created in the image of God, and acknowledge the unique design and purpose for both men and women.

Ethos of Manhood

Our teaching on the Ethos of Manhood encompasses 12 core characteristics rooted in Biblical Manhood. We aim to integrate this ethos into the verbal, mental, and spiritual framework of the men within our community. By doing so, we aspire to foster accountability and encourage men to embrace masculinity as God intended.

Our pursuit of Biblical Manhood is driven not by a desire to earn God's love but by a longing to deepen our love for Him. Our ultimate goal is to glorify God in every aspect of our lives, including our understanding and expression of manhood.

Heart of Womanhood

Similarly, the Heart of Womanhood delineates 12 foundational characteristics of Biblical Womanhood. We are committed to instilling this heart within the women of Rock Church, equipping them to embrace femininity in alignment with God's design.

Our endeavor to embody Biblical Womanhood is motivated by a desire to love and honor Christ more fully. By embracing the virtues and qualities of a godly woman, we can reflect Christ’s beauty and contribute to His kingdom’s flourishing.

In all our teachings and practices, we remain steadfast in our commitment to uphold the timeless truths of Scripture, recognizing that our ultimate aim is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

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At Rock Church, it is our desire for you to discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. That's what Growth Track is all about. It's a three-step course that will equip you to join the Rock Church community, grow as a disciple of Jesus, and discover where God is calling you to serve.

Rock Church's core beliefs describe our theological positions on key aspects of faith. Centered in Christ and His message, ours is a biblical theology rather than a theology that is speculative, subjective, or merely rooted in tradition. These beliefs are derived directly from Scripture (both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible).

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