2020 Rock Church of the Quad Cities Lent Devotional Intro

This Lent Devotional contains seven weeks of Lent devotional readings that can be used personally, or for the entire family. Each week covers readings through the book of Mark in addition to a weekly spiritual discipline focus.

Week 1 Spiritual Discipline – Fasting
Week 2 Spiritual Discipline – Rest & Sabbath
Week 3 Spiritual Discipline – Service
Week 4 Spiritual Discipline – Simplicity
Week 5 Spiritual Discipline – Generosity
Week 6 Spiritual Discipline – Solitude
Week 7 Spiritual Discipline – Community

Prayerfully consider following along with us on your own Lent journey. You can access the Weekly Devotionals from our Rock Church app by clicking through to our website at http://rockchurchqc.com/rock-church-app and download our app to your mobile device.

Music Credit
Track: Woods
Artist: Federico Fabbiano
Music provided by Oak Studios

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